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Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy  

The way I work stems from my beliefs and training both in the person centred approach and in Gestalt psychotherapy training. I have compassion and respect for the client and recognise the need to be in a relationship that is safe and challenging enough for therapeutic movement to occur. Many of us are hindered and suppressed by previous issues that repeat as patterns in our life keeping us trapped. These issues are often expressed as problems which are fixed ways of being that can be explored and challenged. Therapy is in my view therefore best approached holistically and experientially leading to a new way of experiencing self.

“Life at its best, is a flowing, changing process in which nothing is fixed”

 Carl Rogers

The aim of therapy is to develop your awareness that can be integrated so that you can make choices with self-responsibility. By exploring in therapy, we often discover who we are in relation to others giving further insight and resourcefulness. We discover how we are affected by the other. Often in doing this we become aware of how we meet or contact each other and of how we withdraw from others. We often interrupt this contact using fixed and repeating patterns of relating so it can be useful to experiment with what’s missing and with these interruptions.

“In the joining of one and another, the individual becomes part of some larger experience flowing into and with the greater field. From the I, a we appears”

Ruella Frank

If you decide to engage in therapy please contact me to see if I am the right therapist for you. We will spend some time exploring what you want from therapy and what I can offer you. If we decide to work together we will also discuss a contract for work.

Cost £40.00  50 minute session