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Group Therapy

If you are interested in developing your awareness and relating with others then this group may be of interest to you. This is an opportunity to discover how you feel, think and behave and give meaning to your life.  We will be sharing within a creative and experiential environment so participants will need to be willing and committed to engage with others. The group will be respectful of difference and choice within a supportive and challenging space, the group will be based on the humanistic principles of person centred therapy and Gestalt psychotherapy. It is important that you have previously experienced counselling or psychotherapy either in a group or on an individual basis.

“Contacting is relating with immediacy and life – now. The relating is living rather than storytelling.”

Contact Me

Please email me at

Please write 500 words about you and your interest in this group.

This will be a monthly group with the possibility of future residential settings.

When enough interest has been generated then all applicants will be interviewed for suitability. Further details will be available shortly.