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Clinical supervision

I believe that the supervisory relationship is essential for allowing support, challenge, evaluation and reflection on clinical practice. I hope our relationship will develop to enhance your effectiveness as a therapist.
Whilst the evaluation of your client work is intrinsically part of the supervisory relationship, experience informs me that it is important for you to feel free enough 

“to allow the emotional disturbance to be felt within the safer setting of the supervisory relationship, where it can be survived, reflected upon and learned from”

Hawkins and Shohet

I would like to support your growth and development and therefore invite you to a free 30-minute exploratory meeting to see if I am the right supervisor for you.

I see supervision as an important practice for protecting clients from harm with both the supervisor and the experienced counsellor holding ethical responsibilities for maintaining the standards for client work. With trainees, I also hold responsibility for developing and prompting growth which will include support and challenge.

“Relationship is the dynamic element of supervision. The structure and character of the relationship embody all other factors and in turn all other factors are influenced by the relationship.”

 E Holloway

I would like to be with you, to reflect on your case load, clients process, parrell processes. I work in a way that will help you to expand your perceptions on your client work. I hope supervision will become a lively creative space for you for and in the service of your clients.

I am often asked by trainees as to supervision requirements. Ethical lead bodies expect counsellors to engage in clinical supervision for a minimum of 1.5 hours per month.  Trainees are also required to have a minimum of supervision with a ratio of 8 hours counselling to 1 hour of supervision. this of course is a base line and complex cases, a heavy case load, trainees may need more.

Costs £60.00 per 90-minute session – Trainees and voluntary counsellors fee is negotiable.